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Texas Strong


Book One- Cora's Promise

Book Two -Claree's Plan

Book Three - Camille's Purpose

Each book is a stand-alone story of a woman transplanted to 1860s Texas, what she must endure and how she becomes

Texas Stong


When Spirits Stir


An early morning August mist hovered a few inches above Mesa Lake and took on an indigo hue from the depths below. It would have been a beautiful sight if it weren’t for the nude blonde floating face down. Sheriff Bonner Raintree wonders who they’ll find on the other side of all that golden hair bobbing like a frayed lily in the gentle moving wake.

Once the body is retrieved, everyone thinks it’s hometown girl, Jessie Flanagan—until it isn’t.

Lost Dreams

Book Three in the When Spirits Stir Series

Scheduled for Release April 10th, 2023

When Tracey Miller inherits Stone Oak, an abandoned music theater in Branson, Missouri, she gets more than renovation headaches. She’s caught in the middle of a battle between the spirits who dwell there.

Murmurings from the granite slab that comprises one wall of the theater. A mysterious crow in the rafters. The ominous oak tree outside scrutinizes Tracey through knot-hole eyes.

Then there’s the cowboy from Oklahoma who shows up claiming he’s the owner of Stone Oak.

Tracey's pulled further into a bizarre battle of the past, and the fight won’t end until someone dies.

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I've been writing stories since I was big enough to hold a pencil in my hand and form letters into words.

Prior to publishing my first novel, I wrote and published 16 short stories in various publications over a 20-year period.

Writing -- it's what I do!

I also teach, both Private and Group Creative Writing Classes

Let me show you how to turn your idea into a published novel.

I prefer the inter-action of personal classes, but I'm open to consider virtual or online options.

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