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COMING SOON - "When Spirits Stir" Series -- Book One, Love's Lingering Refrain, scheduled for release late July 2021

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Sunny Marie Baker, Author

Your best adventure through the words of a book!

Love's Lingering Refrain - Book One of the When Spirits Stir Series

When Tracey Miller inherits Stone Oak, an abandoned music theater in Branson, Missouri, she gets more than renovation headaches. She's caught in the middle of a battle between the spirits that dwell there. From the sounds in the granite slab wall, to the mysterious crow in the rafters, to the ominous old oak tree, and the Cowboy from Oklahoma who shows up saying he's the new owner of Stone Oak. Tracey is pulled into a world of turmoil, and the war won't end until someone dies.

Western Themed Historical and Contemporary Romantic Suspense --

Sometimes with a supernatural twist.

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Book One of the 

Texas Strong Series

Book Two of the

Texas Strong Series


 Book Three of the Texas Strong Series - the final story.


Excerpt from Cora's Promise - Book One of the Texas Strong Series

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Enjoy the Texas Strong Historical Series

Each is a stand alone book. Each book tells the story of a young woman who is transplanted to rural Texas due to dire circumstances. Each woman will enter into a marriage of convenience, and must become Texas Strong to survive the consequences of her choices.

Cora's Promise - Book One of the Texas Strong Series --Cora Sutton makes a treacherous journey to fulfill a vow made to a dying friend. She delivers Berta's most cherished possession to Ramsey Locke in Rabbit Glen, Texas. Ramsey is caught by complete surprise. Truth is, he spends too many hours in the saddle running his ranch to devote time necessary to honoring the gift Berta has sent. He strikes a deal with Cora. She'll stay on to tend the household needs and make sure Berta's last wish is upheld. He'll sleep in the barn. No strings attached. Cora agrees, after all she has no plan and no where to be.

 Available at:  http://amzn.to/2G5kLEI

Claree's Plan -​ Book Two of the Texas Strong Series --Claree May Whitney needs a husband and she needs one right now!  Claree is determined she'll not marry a bald, drooling man three times her age, no matter the draw of the cards in a high stakes poker game. Rumor has it there are plenty of single men in Texas looking for a wife, she'll have her pick. She buys a ticket aboard the rarely-used mail stage, to throw her suitor off her trail. She's headed to a destination as far away as the money she has will take her, Bryce Canyon, Texas, and Angus MacGregor be damned.

Available at:  https://amzn.to/2wmwCuV

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Camille' Purpose - Book Three of the Texas Strong Series. ​​When the only home Camille Hollister has ever known, Saint Vincent's Orphanage, is destroyed by a tornado, she's given an opportunity.  The church knows of a man in need of someone to care for his two young daughters who've recently loss their mother. Camille is delighted until she learns this opportunity lies in Seven Springs, Texas. She gathers her beloved flower bulbs, her fortitude, and travels by train to marry a man she's never met, knows nothing about except that he is a cattle baron in a land that is hot and harsh. Sister Mary Katherine told her that she was positive this was God's plan. Camille sure hoped the Sister was correct; that leaving Kansas was God's bidding and not the work of the Devil in disguise.